Day Two

Welcome to Day Two of AYLE!


After rising at 7:30 and doing morning exercises together, AYLE facilitators Grace and Maria led the community in a workshop on AM/FM: using the metaphor of a radio that can change channels, Andrew and Maria led us through how to change internal statements from Against Me to For Me. This strategy is essential to leadership; a leader must know how to work with his or her inner critic.


After a Ugandan lunch of matoke, rice, beans, and watermelon, students split in half to attend two sessions. Andrew led a session on Conflict Transformation, and Hannah and Jakob led a session on public speaking. Both were well-received, and we watched as the students grew more and more confident in the AYLE community.




For dinner, we had chicken, rice and beans; the chickens butchered and plucked by Abuubakar and Hannah! In the evening, David and Maria led the community in theater improv games!!

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