Day Five

   AYLE slept in this morning after an emotionally exhausting Gender Day yesterday. However, after morning exercises with Grace (a favorite part of the day for some campers!), AYLE was ready to go. 

After breakfast, students worked on personal vision statements. These statements are affirming one’s life intention and affirming that each of us have the power do achieve it. The personal vision statements were carefully worded and then copied into artwork done by the students, and the main hall is now blessed with the fully gallery of AYLE vision statements! 


In the afternoon Break Dance Project Uganda returned, back by popular demand! Bringing some new members and some new moves, the students spent the afternoon learning new steps. 

Every evening at AYLE follows the same pattern. Before dinner, the AYLE community gathers for a Gratitude Circle, where members step into the circle and give thanks and appreciation. After dinner, we reconvene in the main hall for Quiet Time. A facilitator or member of the community calls for silence, and reads a poem or shares a thought. AYLE then spreads out throughout the hall, each person claiming space and sitting, thinking, or writing in silence. After Quiet Time, we regroup into our “families”, smaller groups of 7 AYLE members and one or two facilitators. Family Groups are a way to check in more personally with each member of the community and take time to reflect on the day and AYLE so far. 


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