Students and Facilitators

Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda are among the poorest countries in Africa, ranked 152nd, 145th and 161st respectively on the 2012 UNDP Human Development Index (HDI) of 186 countries2. Despite some progress in recent years, poverty in East Africa remains widespread and the region faces pressing development challenges including limited access to quality education, and high levels of unemployment. Cultivating individual capacity to address these challenges demands the unwavering engagement of whole communities. The 25 million youths of East Africa represent an important resource for change and development in their countries and communities.

The Students: representing three countries and seven schools

St. Henry’s (Uganda)

Bururburu Girls School (Kenya)

Ngindu Girls (Kenya)

Kibuli Secondary School (Uganda)

Kibuli Mixed (Uganda)

Nabisunsa (Uganda)

Star High School (Tanzania)


The Facilitators

Andrew Nalani: Dartmouth College and AYLE Coordinator

Abuubakar Rashid: Harvard College and AYLE Coordinator

David Kafambe: In Movement: Art for Social Change, Logistics Coordinator

Grace Ibanda: In Movement: Art for Social Change, Lead Facilitator

Maria Ibanda: In Movement: Art for Social Change, Facilitator

Jakob Sprenger: Berlin, facilitator

Hannah Freedman: Tufts University, facilitator

Faustin Mupenzi: Makerere, Uganda, guest staff and graduate in Social Work